Cherco is an Australian Building Company and is headed by qualified professional personnel who over a period of 40 years successfully completed many projects including commercial, residential, public works, roads, tunnels, resorts, aged care facilities etc. All projects have been performed with an impeccable safety record and delivered with excellent standard of workmanship.

Cherco prides itself on its professionalism. We engage and promote those with appropriate skills, experience and technical qualifications and careful staff selection ensures site managers and foreman of the highest caliber make up the on-site teams. Teamwork, backed by effective communication systems and administration resources, ensures a highly motivated approach to the most challenging projects.

We are opportunistic, entrepreneurial and we welcome new ideas. We have a supportive environment and systems which assist us in managing what we do whilst enhancing our performance.

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The Chief Executive Officer, Director, major Shareholder and Licensee of Cherco Pty. Limited.

Michael Holds a Class 1 Unconditional Builders License in the state of New South Wales.

Building for over 45 years has gained a multitude of experience in high rise buildings, tourist resorts, retirement villages, cluster homes, home units and commercial and industrial projects. Some of which is recorded within this Company Profile.

In his earlier years he was co-director of a building company, Hallad Pty. Limited which was the second largest home unit building company in Australia.

The achievements and qualifications are numerous in addition to the builder’s licence Michael has attended regulatory seminars on a wide range of construction matters with the MBA over a period of 12 years of which included expertise and training in Asbestos matters. Michael is also a Building Inspector and Accredited Consultant (in Housing) MBA and has constructed over 4,000 residential units in Australia.

Also a member of the Master Builders Association of New South Wales and has performed duties in this role for the Government of New South Wales. 

As the founder of Cherco Pty Limited, Michael formed the Company with a view to expand and build high quality structures.

In the area of Residential, Commercial and Industrial, the associates and directors that he has chosen to be involved in the Company are of the highest standard and are known to him for many years.


Background and Current Position

In the year 2008 Michael Hadad was a Director and sole shareholder of Hadcorp Pty. Limited and was constructing a high rise residential development in Mackay QLD. The said development had reached approximately to the half way point (7th floor) when the Global Financial Crises (GFC) occurred. The funder of the development was MFS Limited of which was underwritten by the Royal Bank of Scotland. Due to the GFC the Royal Bank of Scotland suffered a loss of $60b which caused the collapse of MFS Limited, which in turn the collapse of Hadcorp Pty. Limited suffering a loss of $13m.

Michael Hadad did not go bankrupt, however suffered great financial losses at no fault of his own.

During the period of 2009 to 2014 Michael Hadad semi-retired to the Blue Mountains District and worked as a self-employed building inspector. Then during the last 2 years decided to commence small construction contracts.

Future Plan

The intention in the near future is to commence constructing unique project homes specially designed by Michael Hadad. These well built standard homes with specially designed steel sub-frame gives the benefit of being totally fire proof, termite proof and rust proof, with very high acoustic and thermal values provided by the masonry external walls. These low budget homes are designed to attract new first home buyers in the Blue Mountains District of NSW.


A Company Director and the Business Manager with extensive experience in Insurance, Finance, Banking and Importation. Also plays a prominent role in sourcing construction contracts and development sites.

After working in various administrative companies, Karl explored the fields of insurance and was Accounts Department Manger for ING Insurance, which the key role was in charge of analysis of expenditure, staff wages and remuneration. Ensuring all expenditure was inline with company budgets and all the human resources were correctly distributed and reconciled.

Later furthering his career in banking, with Westpac Banking Corporation as Regional Manager for the issuing bank loans. Ensuring profitability for assigned region (Gold Coast) by directing Bank Managers and respective staff to following budgeting guide lines and marketing of existing and new products.

Later as Self employed as a Real Estate Developer which included roles as sourcing and purchase development sites, construct dwellings, marketing and sales of residential homes. Sourcing raw land suitable for new residential dwellings in a developing area (South West Region of Sydney).

Sub-divide and liaise with government departments and respective councils. Ensuring all facilities such as electricity, water, sewerage where facilitated for each development. Liaise with Lawyers, surveyors and engineers. On completion of each sub-division, lead a successful marketing campaign to ensure quick and smooth sales at acceptable profitability margins.

After the wealth of experience in Finance and Development went on to join forces with this company to be the business manager of finance and importation and purchasing manager for construction materials and other products.


Stephen has 35 years experience in architectural design. After completing tertiary studies, Stephen began work in various civildesign companies. Pursuing a passion for architecture, he then worked for various architectural practices and a design and construction company in hospitality, where he performed the role of design manager and project architect on various large-scale projects.

With this experience Stephen joined forces with other associates, and formed his own architectural planning and design company in 1992,

working closely with property developers on a range of medium to large projects including Beachfront High-rise, Hotels and a large resort in Asia.

The company’s approach is to provide a collaborative interactive design process that provides a range of options to move forward with consensus to successful completion. A commitment to environmentally responsible design is maintained whilst taking a holistic approach; the result is an architectural planning project with social and aesthetic integrity.

Due to a 25 year long standing working relationship and mutual respect between Michael Hadad and Stephen Jones the decision was made to join forces between Stephen Jones Associates and Cherco Pty. Limited


Commercial – Medium and High-rise

Resort Complex Designs

House & Land sub-divisions and Apartment development Residential – High-rise townhouses and homes Residential – Single and cluster dwellings


Anne heads Administration and internal Accounting.

Over the past 25 years Anne has worked in the Financial, Accounting and Business Administration field. This has created vast experience in Office, Business and Administration Management in the construction and hospitality industries.

Working closely with senior management, accountants and lawyers, these responsibilities have effectively utilized communication, professional and organizational skills.
The attitude to be able to accomplish, manage and create any procedures which helps with company growth, order and professionalism.

After working on many medium to large construction and design projects, Anne has is capable of ensuring the system procedures are abided to and attended to in an orderly and fashionable process. Being analytical and devoted to the main engine room of the company has allowed this company to perform its role with simplicity and performance.

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